Hello everyone and welcome to Serenity in The Spirit!

I can’t believe I’m writing this, it feels so good to be posting something after this has been an idea in my head for so long. Those who knew I was going to start a blog, I hope you’re impressed that all my talk has finally turned into action and those who didn’t…welcome :)

I want to use this space to ultimately glorify God and bring people to His Kingdom. I believe He has actually been calling me to do this since I was about 15 years old when I first had the idea but teenage me definitely did not have the confidence to do something like this so I suppressed my thoughts and ideas for a Christian blog and focused on writing fiction on my iPod Touch instead.

It’s funny how much life can change in a span of 5 years. Before moving to University I regularly attended church with my mum, prayed daily and attended our school’s Christian Union (on and off). I truly thought I was being a good Christian and in many respects I was but I have now come to realise there is so much more to Christianity than what 15 year old me thought there was. A relationship with Christ is one of the most incredible things a person could desire.

Okay, I’ve probably lost a few people but if you’re still here thanks for sticking around. I am fully aware that the people who this will reach first (my Facebook friends) may not see God in the same way I do. But if this blog reaches just one person and touches their heart in a way that brings them closer to God it will be worth it.

So, as I mentioned before, the purpose of this blog is to speak about Christianity and, of course, having a serenity in The Spirit. I want everyone to understand that Christianity is not just a bunch of rules and regulations and if you follow them you go to heaven and if not you go to hell. Christianity, to me, is so much more than that and I’m excited to explore with you what it means to truly desire God. I say explore with you because I am still exploring for myself. I don’t think any Christian would say they are completely “there” in their walk with Christ. It’s about developing and learning, seeking and finding, laughing and crying. As it says in Ecclesiastes 3: there is a time for everything. A walk with God does not promise no suffering. It does not promise that once you choose to follow Jesus nothing will go wrong in your life ever again. But it does promise that you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength (Philippians 4:13). With the serenity found in The Spirit, you are able to get through the hard and the trivial tasks of life knowing that God, our Creator, loves you more than you could ever imagine.

So, welcome to Serenity in the Spirit. I pray that this blog blesses those who read it – that means you!

SiTS x

Song of the post: See the Light - Travis Green


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