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Hey everyone and welcome back to Serenity in The Spirit! I hope you are all having an excellent week so far, whether you have been revising, working, relaxing or all of the above!

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Now, back into today’s post...

A couple of weeks ago, I missed my coach! Now if you know me, you’ll know I like to leave within plenty of time when I’m travelling because I hate rushing and this occasion was no different.. But due to the unforeseen closure of the train station I needed, I had travel to a different station which meant I would be cutting it very fine! I mentally prepared myself for the journey: working out the platforms for my different trains in advance, checking the Megabus Twitter page every 5 seconds and praying that, by some miracle, I would make my coach on time. Nevertheless, I got to Victoria 5 minutes late and my coach was gone :(

That’s very unfortunate, Rochelle, but why turn this into a blog post - God didn’t even answer your prayer??

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose - Romans 8:28

Who knows, there could have been many reasons why I didn’t make my coach. Maybe God wanted to keep me away from something on the coach or my final destination at the time I was due to arrive. Maybe He wanted to expose me to something on the train I took instead (a couple of things made me smile on the train, maybe He wanted me to experience that feeling of happiness). The point is, I don’t know why He allowed it to happen but I trust Him.

Is there something you have been praying for but not receiving? Have you considered that what you are praying for may not be what is best for you? God, being able to see the whole picture, better understands our needs than we do.

Did something you’ve been praying against happen? Again, try to consider the bigger picture. We might not understand the reasons behind it now (or ever in fact) but that does not change who God is. That does not change the fact that He knows what’s best.

Once I found out that I’d missed my coach, I first felt annoyed both at myself and God. Remember, we are human and there are going to be times when you are not happy with what God has allowed but that doesn’t mean that He is in the wrong. In fact, it is impossible for God to be wrong because He is omniscient (all knowing). Next time, you’re feeling annoyed at God try to list 5 things you are grateful for.

Alternatively, you could pray to ask God for revelation in your situation. But note: God may not reveal the reason things are the way they are, try not to be discouraged if He doesn’t. Sometimes it’s best to just trust God in what He does because, as I said, He knows what’s best for us.

Whether or not you try the above, I highly recommend attempting to make the situation less about yourself but more about how it could help someone else. Now, this can be extremely difficult, especially if something traumatic has happened. You may not be able to do this straight away - if the situation is serious, make sure you give yourself time to grieve (or whatever is appropriate) and seek the support you require. I believe that through continual prayer to God, He will give you strength to use your life to help others and give Him glory. Try to seek His desire for your situation. The lyrics of a Stevie Valentine song come to mind, “your tests will become your testimony”. I have spoken about testimonies and suffering in a previous blog series called 'Cast Your Cares', check it out here if you are interested in reading more about why God allows certain things to happen and what can be done about it.

After missing my coach, I knew I wanted to write a blog post about when things don’t go as hoped despite asking God for help. I want to encourage you that just because something goes wrong, it doesn’t mean God has forsaken you. Trust in Him and always seek to give Him the honour and praise He deserves.

Thank you for reading everyone!

God bless,

SiTS x

Song of the Post: He‘s A Great God - Jonathan Nelson


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