Liar Liar - Part 2

Hey everyone, welcome back to Serenity in The Spirit! It's been a while and a lot has happened since I last wrote a blog post which Ted and I will share with you soon. My last posts are about racial injustice, an issue that is still relevant for so many of us despite the reduced attention on mainstream and social media. I will continue writing about this topic but in this post I wanted to talk about something else that God has placed on my heart.

Worship is one of my favourite parts of a church service, being free to sing praises to God through the beautiful lyrics of worship songs can be such a powerful experience. However, a while I go I realised that sometimes, when I am singing, I do not actually mean the words I say. Well, I might mean them at the time but after the church service or after my YouTube worship session has finished, I do not live out the words I was singing and I know I can't be the only one.

You have probably noticed that the title of this post is Liar Liar. I wrote a post nearly a year ago about lies the enemy tells us and whilst I wouldn't say i'm lying to God when i'm singing to Him, I do feel like I perhaps don't take the lyrics i'm singing as seriously as I should sometimes. Worship music is beautiful and I enjoy listening to it, singing along to it and dancing to it, it can really uplift my mood when I am feeling down but ultimately worship is not for us, it is for God's glory.

So what 'lies' have I sung?

Every time I sing 'Witholding Nothing' by William McDowell now, I feel a conviction - do I really surrender all to God just as the lyrics say? Do I really give everything to Him, witholding nothing?

As I mentioned before I often do mean it at the time, but when the time comes to make a sacrifice e.g. reading The Word instead of scrolling social media, what do I choose? When I am listening to a church sermon, do I always give it all of my attention just as I would watching a YouTube video? In Romans 12:1, Paul says that we should be giving ourselves as a sacrifice to God, what does this look like for you? Sacrificing some sleep in the morning to spend more time with Jesus? Sacrificing your desire to watch porn and instead pray to the Lord? Whatever it looks like, chances are you'll need God's help to make that sacrifice day in, day out - pray and ask Him for strength and guidance. If you are not sure what sacrifices you need to make, you can also pray and ask God to show you areas of your life that He is not pleased with.

Another song that sometimes makes me feel convicted as I sing is 'I'll Just Say Yes' by Brian Courtney Wilson, here are the opening lyrics:

I'll just say yes, You lead the way, I'm not afraid of what it means for me to say, That this life You gave, Is not my own, I'm trusting You to hear my 'yes' and lead me on.

I would love for this to be true all the time but the truth is, I am sometimes afraid to trust and follow God. I don't always say yes and I don't always give God a chance to lead the way. We should remember that in Deuteronomy 28 verse 1 and 2, it is promised that if we faithfully obey God's voice, we will be blessed.

These are just a couple of examples, and don't get me wrong, I am not saying that we should only sing the lyrics if we know for a fact we will always live up to them - this is often impossible as we are not perfect, but the next time you are worshiping, be aware of the words and see if you can think of anymore practical ways to live them out in your life.

Thank you for reading! I want to say that the point of this post is not to shame anybody but just to share the revelation that worship is more than some nice music to listen to. Often based on Bible verses, some songs are solely to praise God and others can help guide us in how we can live our lives for Jesus.

As always you can get in contact using our social media (found at the bottom of the page) or here if you would like to remain anonymous. You may have noticed our website has had a bit of a redesign - be sure to let us know what you think! Finally, there is also a new podcast up!! Check it out here where Ted speaks about world views and challenges us to consider our own.

God bless and stay safe,

SiTS x

Song of The Post: Take My Life - Micah Stampley


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