First Things First

Hey everyone, welcome back to the Serenity in The Spirit blog! I truly hope all is well with you :)

Today I wanted to write a quick post about a well-known scripture Matthew 6:33

"But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you"

Recently, I read Proverbs 21 and verse 21 stood out to me: "Whoever pursues righteousness and kindness will find life, righteousness, and honour". It reminded me of Matthew 6:33 and it was like a lightbulb went off in my mind. Though I can quote the Matthew 6 scripture to you and I've heard it more times than I could count, the reality of it really hit home for me. We are often so busy with life, thinking of what we need to do next, how we'll get through another week, balancing relationships, work, church and everything else and this can cause us exhaustion, anxiety and ultimately it pulls us away from God. Matthew 6:33 addresses how we should handle the busyness and stresses of life.

For context, this portion of Matthew 6 is referring to how we are susceptible to worrying. Jesus explains that if even the birds find food that God provides and God causes the flowers bloom at the right time in beauty, we have nothing to fear because God loves us more than them as we are made in His image. Don't get me wrong, an easy life is not promised to us but we can take comfort in the fact Jesus is with us through whatever we go through.

The use of the word 'seek' in the scripture tells us we don't just automatically get all that we need, there are actions required on our part. Don't get me wrong, we do not need to earn the gift of salvation but there are things that we can do in order to seek God‘s kingdom and His righteousness. This doesn't need to be overcomplicated, the first place to start is prayer and reading His Word. If you're unsure what to do in a situation, ask Him and seek His response. It's important not just to talk at God but to talk with God, allowing Him to minister to you however He chooses. Pray for an open heart, mind and eyes so that you can receive whatever He has for you.

The verse tells us to seek FIRST the kingdom of God. To me, this suggests everything we need (be it physical: clothes, food etc. or spiritual) is found in God and His provision. By seeking Him and living life in the way He has called us to (righteously), we can be satisfied. Note that we are told to do this first, before everything else. How many of us can honestly say at the first sign of trouble we turn to God? Personally, I have definitely tried to problem solve by myself or at least asked for help from others before seeking God's wisdom and direction. We forget that any problem solving skills we have actually come from God in the first place. By speaking with God first, we are recognising that He has all the answers and that He is the one who can help us.

Now, unfortunately anxiety and worrying about our various life situations is not always easy to defeat but it's through Jesus that we can have complete deliverance from its strongholds. Though it's during the springtime that we see the beauty of nature, the seed of a flower must first be buried before it can bloom. We all go through various seasons in life, sometimes it feels like we've been buried and the pressure is building up on us but, in due time, we will bloom.

I hope this post has been a helpful reminder for you to trust in God and put Him first (even when things are going well) as this is the only way we can truly be satisfied and our most important need - the need for a saviour - can be met.

Lastly, If you have been struggling to read the Word recently, I really encourage you to get back into it. Though I have been recently feeling unmotivated, God used my devotional time to remind me of what is truly important and there is no reason He can't do the same for you. His Word is full of the nutrients we need to be spiritually fed and without it we have no weapon with which to fight the enemy (Ephesians 6:17).

God bless,

SitS x

Song of the Post: Jireh - Elevation Worship & Maverick City


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