Living for Jesus - Part 3

Hey everyone, welcome back to Serenity in The Spirit.

We are now onto Part 3 of the ‘Living for Jesus’ series, thanks for sticking around! if you haven't read Part 1 or Part 2, click the links to catch up.

This post will be a bit of a ‘How to’ – some practical advice on living for Jesus.

In this series, I have mentioned that I believe our lives should be an act of worship. This means that everything we do should bring glory to Jesus. But how do we do that? How can simple, daily tasks such as cleaning, driving, shopping, working, cooking etc. be turned into worship? The simple answer is, do it as if you were doing it for the Lord. Okay, so what does that mean?

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters (Colossians 3:23). This verse tells us that we should give everything 100% effort (‘all our heart’) as if it were for the Lord. My interpretation of this is that we should be doing everything to the best of our ability, we should only offer God our best – He deserves nothing less. As the creator of this universe and after everything He has done, is doing and will do for us, it would be disrespectful to offer Him less. He made us and gives us the strength to do everything. Imagine empowering someone but they use that power to work against you... this is what it is like for God watching us sin.

So, when we’re cleaning, clean as though the Lord will be hanging out in that space, don’t shove everything into a cupboard and slam the door shut. When we’re driving, exercise patience with drivers who may cut in front of us. When shopping, be wise with our money. When working, give our jobs all of our attention, strive to produce a solution to any issues we may encounter. When  cooking, be mindful of what ingredients we use and ensure we look after our health.

Now, all of the above is often easier said than done. I sometimes struggle with the idea of living for God because it means the tasks I carry out day to day require more effort than I am sometimes wanting to give. This is where prayer comes in. Living for Jesus also means continually consulting Him and speaking with Him. If we are living for Jesus, we need to know what He wants from us, otherwise how can we please Him? We may need to pray and ask Jesus to fill us with compassion for the people we find annoying, or we may need to ask for help with an essay we need to write. We can ask God to energise us and rid us of a lazy attitude (I have been praying this prayer almost daily this month!), there is no limit for the help we can receive from God to carry out His Will and it is His Will that we live for Him (my father will honour the one who serves [lives for] me [Jesus] – John 12:26).

So far, I have mainly spoken about how to integrate God into our daily lives as I feel as though this is commonly considered the hardest part of living for Jesus. However, as well as completing our daily tasks for God (not ourselves) and with Him (particularly when we’re struggling with the ‘for’ part), it is also important to set time aside just for Him. This is because He should be the number 1 priority in your life, the life He gave you.

To keep relation with God we must be spending time reading and living according to His word daily. This is because it equips us ‘for every good work’ (2 timothy 3:17). Scripture demonstrates God’s love for us, provides us with advice on how to handle different situations and it documents the life of Jesus so we can follow His example.

We must also pray and speak with God daily as I mentioned earlier (pray without ceasing – 1 Thesolonians 5:17). This is so we can offer Him thanksgiving, express our feelings regarding different situations or people and also ask Him for what we would like. God loves it when we talk to Him about everything and anything and I recently took to Twitter to remind people of this. No prayer is too small (or even too big!). Recently, I prayed and asked God for the bus to come so that I wouldn’t be late! He loves us, therefore we have no need to withhold anything from Him.

To close, I would like to get a little controversial. Some Christians (including myself) believe it is important to also limit your exposure to ‘the world’ – this means anything not of God. Whilst everything was created by God, not everything is good for us because it is not used to Glorify God. So, what is considered to be ‘of the world’? I would say certain types of music, films, TV shows, books and even people. Secular entertainment often glorifies sin/people rather than God and can therefore encourage us (whether consciously or subconsciously) to use our lives to glorify sin too. I would also like to add that this does not mean you shouldn't have friends who are not christian. Just be mindful of allowing people to influence you and encourage you to do things you believe to be wrong.

This was not a recent revelation for me however it was only recently I chose to do anything about it. Why? Because it is difficult to separate yourself from something you are used to watching/reading/listening to etc. it is difficult to choose to be different and follow the Lord instead of your peers. Nevertheless, it is important. Sin will exist for as long as humans have free will (only Jesus was sinless), but why put yourself in a position to sin more by enjoying entertainment that promotes it? I am now more cautious of what I watch, read and listen to as well as the people I hang around with. Let God be your main influence, He is the only person you can guarantee has your best interest at heart. He created you and He loves you endlessly, let yourself be loved by Him.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post and that you have learned something about living for Jesus, it is not about strict rules and regulations but it's lifestyle.

As always if you have any comments/questions, let me know here.

God Bless,

SiTS x

Song of the post: I Give You My Heart – Hillsong United


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