Living for Jesus - Part 2

Hey everyone, welcome back to Serenity in The Spirit and Part Two of the 'Living for Jesus' series.

In the next few parts of the series, I would like to talk more about me – how and why I try to live for Jesus.

In the SiTS welcome post, I spoke about how when I was younger I believed I was living for Jesus through acts such as praying regularly, attending church regularly, being kind to people (who were kind to me) etc. These acts are definitely demonstrations of living for Jesus, I was sacrificing time to spend with Him, thanking Him for what He gave me and asking for things I wanted. However for the majority of the time, I was kind to people who were kind to me and it didn’t always stretch much further than that (i.e. I didn’t try particularly hard to be kind to my ‘enemies’ or people who weren’t my friends or family). Sure, I’d smile at a stranger in the street but I would also judge the person behind that stranger for their hairstyle or outfit choice. Or I’d judge someone for being two-faced or selfish when in reality I was those things at times too. If someone was rude to me, I’d sometimes give them an attitude back or at the very least internally judge them for how rude they were being. It didn’t once occur to me that the person may have been having a really bad day.

Thankfully, I realise now living for Jesus is not only setting time aside for Him (even though this is very important), it requires more. Living for Jesus means seeking to make Him a part of your life all day, every day, no matter what. It means including Him in your decisions, desiring to be like Him in all aspects of life, wanting to stop sinning. It means turning to Him at the first sign of trouble, listening to Him and obeying… I could go on. The point is: to live for something or someone requires you to surrender.

Now, this is not easy and I definitely have not mastered it! For example, I sometimes struggle with even setting time aside for God, I might fall asleep during a prayer or choose to browse social media for 5 more minutes instead of spending an extra 5 minutes reading His Word. But the Bible says you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind (Matthew 22:37). In order to do this, we must give our lives to Christ and dedicate everything we do to Him. Think about it this way, do we want to dedicate our sinful actions/thoughts etc. to God? No! We should offer him our best.

Naturally, giving up what we want is difficult and can even lead us to see living for Jesus as a chore. The only way to overcome this is through the Holy Spirit helping us and the good thing about the Holy Spirit is all we have to do is accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour to receive it. When we do feel like living for Jesus is a chore, we can and should pray to God and ask Him to change our hearts (via the Holy Spirit) so we gain a greater desire to serve Him. Please note: we should not be ashamed of this prayer. Anything that pushes us away from God is the enemy. It is the times we feel most distant from God that we should run to Him faster than ever. He promises to never leave nor forsake us (Deuteronomy – 31:6) and so we can take comfort in the fact that nothing can separate us from His love.

In the next part of this series, I would like to go into more detail about what I have done/am doing and practical steps you can take to live for Jesus too. However, the post will not be solely for those that want to live for Jesus. I will be explaining my reasoning along the way so that those who do not believe you need to live for Jesus can gain a better understanding of why Christians do. Of course, I welcome any questions you may have about anything I write in previous posts, this post or my next.

As always, thanks for reading!

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I pray, in the mighty name of Jesus that this message brings you revelation. I pray that whether you currently want to live for Jesus or not, that you think deeply about this post and the information it contains. Jesus, You are the Lord of lords, yet You gave us the gift of free will so that we have to choose to live for You, thank You for this gift. Thank You that You want a relationship with us and that no matter who we are or what we have done, You are waiting for us with open arms. Amen.

God bless,

SiTS x

Song of the post: Set a Fire - Will Reagan and United Pursuit


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